The Universe and its Maker


All of us know the very fact that the universe is vast. In a world of advanced technologies, no man had been able to figure out the total universe. Our solar system consists of 9 planets, with a sun and several moons. This is just our solar system. Over a billions of solar systems builds up a so called galaxy. Over the entire sky, there are more than 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe. It is mind blowing to hear psalms 147:4 that says,

“ God calls each of these stars by name”.

If you are incapable to answer the questions concerning the visible, limited universe, how could you then ever question its maker who calls Himself to be limitless.

The earth is 510.1 million square kilometers in size. But you could line up 109 earths across the sun, and takes a million earths to fill up the sun. If the sun is this big, give a thought to a star found larger than the sun, known as Canis Majoris, 2000 times wider than the sun. You can fit 9 billion suns into Canis Majoris. You wonder the size of the earth in relation to Canis Majoris. The earth becomes absolutely invisible to the naked eye if it is compared. Think of dropping to the size of your country and further to your home. And yet deeper down to the tiny you.

Look at you shoulder to shoulder with just Canis Majoris since there are bigger stars than that. If this is the story of Canis Majoris and you....What are you before the eyes of the Maker of these giant stars? Your size is literally nil in comparison to these stars in this glorious universe. It is written God remains sleepless and cautious to care for something that is nothing. And that is you and me. In the midst of all these,

God says in the very beginnng, “ He created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

Heavens were the countless stars and the planets we were discussing above. Notice He mentions “the heavens and the EARTH”… why did He fail to write “the heavens and the sun and moon or the Canis Majoris or Pluto , and NOT earth? It is because He kept the whole universe with all its stars in the place of heavens, in order to make the earth its center, its focus. Yes. God’s focus was just the earth out of all heavens…..